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Hello there everyone!
Today I'm gonna be sharing my experience on Little Black Bag (LBB).
I won a competition for a pair of shoes from LBB, its a pair of flats.

These Flats are from C.Label, never have I brought these kind of shoes. When I first got my price from LBB I didn't knew I would like it a ton, but after I wore it out for the first time I fell instantly in love.
They are gold flats and a kitty face on it! I adore these shoes, it doesn't just look super cute but it was super comfortable.

Little Black Bag is an online trading/shopping site, every month you paid 50 USD to create a bag, first you get to choose your main item and the LBB stylist will pick two random items for you based on your quiz. Don't worry if you don't like the 2 items they have just given you, this is where all the trading begin. You can offer a trade with anyone for the item you would not want in your bag. After you are satisfied, you can then close your bag and be ready to ship.

So after that you may receive you LBB similar to the one above! Most of all don't worry, it's not an auto renewal site so you can but the first months bag and skip the next and save you credit for the next purchase.

For all of you who are new to LBB! 
Little Black Bag has offer my reader which are all of you a 25%OFF on you first bag.
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Till next time! Loves!


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