Travel Essentials!

Well,  a lot of people are travelling these days either is from college back to their hometowns or on a treat-ful vacation. You beauty lovers will be like what am I suppose to pack? And many will over pack or did not follow the airline rules on how much liquid you can bring, over maybe even over packing for a bus trip or car trip.
There are a few steps you need to take before packing them like wise with clothes.

1. How long are you staying there?
2. Will you be going out very often?
3. Do you have any special events you need to attend?
4. What are you travelling by?
5. Does the airlines have rules on the amount of products I bring?
6. How am I suppose to fit all in my luggage?
7. What are your essentials for everyday?
8. What do you need in extra to turn your everyday look to a night look?
9. Limit yourself with a smaller makeup bag?

If asking yourself these questions will not help well let me help you!
Well, here are my essentials to give you a bigger idea of what I mean.

My recent trip was to Penang to visit my parents, it's a 6days 5nights stay on the little island.
I took the an airplane and with no check in luggage, so I had a small carry on luggage and a backpack. All I brought was 2 pairs of pajamas cause I can wash them, 2 dressy tops and 2 T-shirts and pair of short, make-up bag and toiletries. Actually, I don't bring that much stuff. Because you have to know your motive going to a place, there's no need for a formal dress if you're just going on a shopping trip.

Now for the fun part! My make-up bag consist of my everyday essentials, I don't bring my whole entire collection and I'm not attending any events. So, my essentials are good to go.
1. BB Cream

2. Powder

3. Blush

4. Bronzer

5. Brow Pencil

6. Gel Liner or Liquid Liner
7. Mascara
8. Gel Liner Brush
9. Retractable Multi task brush.
That's everything I brought in my Make-up bag

If you do have an event you need to attend just limited yourself with one eyeshadow palette and one set of false eye lashes.

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