Review : Maybelline 24hr Color Tattoos

OMG! I can not tell you how excited I was when I saw that Maybelline Color tattoos are selling in our drugstores here, my brother was with me when I saw it! He can tell you how excited I was, I wanted to buy them all and I did. It actually came out quite recently and a while back, kind of confusing. But, why I say that it's because all the colors were out except Tencious Teal and I needed to wait for that in order to complete this review.
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First of all, these color tattoos have been raved so much about in the YouTube world. And personally I think out of the 8 in this collection 5 are really wearable for everyday wear, I am aware that there are 9 colors available in the original Color Tattoos in the US but not here in Malaysia we are missing Pomegranate Pink.

Among this 8 colors only 5 colors are really pigmented and out of the 5 4 are really wearable, I will start from the most wearable colors to the least wearable ones. I purchased all these from SASA at RM19.90 each.

1. Bad to the Bronze

 As the name have said, its a bronze pearl texture which I think it's a very wearable everyday shadow. It's one of the most wearable colors in this collection on it's own, you can add a darker brown to it for a smokey eye. This is a must have in your make-up bag if you love wearing eyeshadows everyday.

2. Tough as Taupe

This is a taupe color which is also a very wearable color for a daily basis, and it is a matte shade as well. But if you look really and I mean really close you can see specks of shimmer very dust like shimmer, which can't be seen in a glance. Personally, I don't like it on it's own but I do like it when layered with other neutral colors. To me it looked a lil grey, but I think it's a very wearable color and if you love wearing taupe try this out!

3.Bold Gold

This is a Shimmer gold shadow which do not have any fall outs when applied, this color can be wore own it's own or ever layered up for a day and glamorous night look. I love this color for a dinner/date night look, it makes you look so glamorous and so elegant. To me seriously this really looks like gold, wanna look expensive? It's in this pot! =)

4. Audacious Asphalt

This is a another pearl texture grey which is really beautiful, personally I would not wear this as a day time look but as a night time look or event. I really love this color as a night look, you can go for a sultry to a sexy smokey eye by just adding a matte black shadow or a dark matte grey into the crease and smudge it down to the lower lash line. Want a tutorial? Tweet me @EileenWrighton.

5. Tenacious Teal

This a bright teal color which is the most pigmented out of the 3 other bright colors, from here onward the colors will not be that wearable for everyday because of the crazy colors. Unless you don't mind a bright and I mean BRIGHT color shadow, I personally think this color is more suitable for an event/photoshoot. I will not wear this out on a daily basis.If you wanna venture into bright colors give this a go.

6. Edgy Emerald

This is also a pearl texture green, it may look quite dark in the picture but in real life it's pretty bright. I can assure that. Amazingly this color does not pay off quite as much as the other colors, You may have to build it up to get the amazing color in the pot. This color is also more appropriate for an event and a party, but if you're brave, adventures and you know how to wear this color on a day basis. GO AHEAD! Venture out n be creative.

7. Fierce & Tangy

This is a brilliant bright orange which is a pearl texture as well, but it's color pay off is the same as Edgy Emerald you have to build it up. This color is awesome for spring and summer for that pop of color, I love this pop of color for spring and summer. This is great layered with other colors for a colorful eye make-up, or even toned it down with reddish earth tone colors will work awesome.

8. Painted Purple

Painted Purple is also a brilliant purple color with a satin texture which will be really beautiful if you want a pop of color, but you have to build it up to get the brilliant color pay-off. This can be wore on a day basis if you love purple shadows, this is not as bright as Tenacious Teal so you can get away with it if you tone it down with other darker colors. This a great for events and parties.

1. Best Color Pay-Off
-Bad to the Bronze
-Tough as Taupe
-Bold Gold
-Audacious Asphalt
-Tenacious Teal

2. Pigmentation
- 4 out of 5

3. Lasting Power
- 4 out of 5

4. Smudging?
- Do not smudge once it sets. On me it doesn't well depending on your skin type, results may vary.

5. A primer?
- Yes, it will make your eye shadows pop and make it last longer.

6. Wear-ability? 
- 4 out of the 8 is wearable, which are Bad to the Bronze, Tough as Taupe, Bold Gold and Audacious Asphalt.

7. Packaging.
- It remind me of M.A.C 's Paint Pots, very durable glass container.

8. Tips.
- Always keep the lid on. Seal it properly if not the product will dry out.
- Best applied with fingers.
- Lasting power and color pay-off may vary with skin tone and skin type.

So this is all my personal opinion, I'm not paid to do this review and all products are brought by my own money.

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