Review: BB Creams

I have read so many articles and watched so many videos about BB creams, months ago I purchased 2 BB creams. Both can be purchase in drugstores near you, I got mine in Watsons. So, I decided to try 2 out, one is more of a cheaper alternative and the other was a more expensive one.

Top: Garnier Bottom: Baviphat

The 1st one I picked out was the Garnier Skin Naturals BB cream. RM16.90
I would not say that this is the best BB cream I have used, but for it's price it's pretty good.

Pros &Cons
  • Light to medium coverage (depending on the conditions of your skin)
  • Does not last all day(7~8 Hours)( differs from skin type)
  • Not suitable for people with large pores (It make it look more prominent)
  • Only matte after powder and last for a few hours after that you need to blot.
  • Suitable for all skin types ( blotting once/twice 4 oily skin)
  • It's not moisturizing as it says, it makes your skin a lil dry
  • Have a yellow undertone
  • very velvety and smooth texture
  • It does not do much coverage for pimples and dark circles
  • It has SPF 26
If you have perfect skin or clear but a lil imperfection, this product is great for you.
I can tell you the BB Cream will be all gone if you're sweating like vigorously. 

The 2nd one I have picked out was the Baviphat Magic Girl Multi Collagen BB cream, RM69.90
I would say I have a love hate relationship with this BB Cream, mainly because of the price.
Pros & Cons

  • Medium coverage
  • Feels very heavy do not feel like standard BB creams which feels light weight
  • I must say this BB cream last a very long time on my skin (12hours or maybe even more) I don't wear make-up for more than 12hours
  • Suitable for all skin types except oily skin, really oily.
  • It's moisturizing, may look shiny when applied. (powdering will make it ok)
  • It has a pinky undertone
  • It has medium coverage so if you don't have very bad eye bags. This can really cover up most imperfections.
  • It has SPF 30
This BB Cream has a foundation's feel. Compared to the Garnier BB Cream the Baviphat Magic Girl has more coverage, last longer and it's thick like a foundation & cover's like a foundation. I would say the Bavipaht BB cream is really heavy compared to the Garnier one.


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