Back to the Basics.

If you're a teen or a young adult like me, and would like to have a make up look that compliments your skin and make you look more made up. Well, going back to the basics is the best way to start. This step by step look will help you achieve a simple yet made up look, that is suitable for teens and young adults.

Day to Night

After all your skin care routine, use a BB cream of you choice ( I recommend Revlon Photoready BB Cream for oily skin and BaviPhat Magic Girl Multi Collegen BB cream for normal skin) If you need extra coverage use a concealer. make sure everything is well blended.
And for eyebrows just go very natural fill in the empty space and seal it with brow gel or even clear Mascara. I personally would not wear eye shadows on everyday, but if you like I would recommend the quad from Maybelline.  
This is a great palette for a natural everyday look.
 Use the lightest color in the palette under the natural arch of your brows and in the inner tear ducts of your eyes as highlight. Then use the second lightest color and sweep it across your entire eyelid, using a blending brush or a fluffy crease brush and pick up the third color on the palette and apply it to you crease with a car wiper motion to blend the color.

After that, apply eyeliner in any way you like. Winged liner and standard natural liner will be enough for a day look. Save the dramatic look for night. ;)
Sweep a few coats of mascara to give you a more wide awake look.

For blush, using a peachy blush color would be very natural and beautiful. If you're not a big fan of peach you can opt for pink as well. Just remember to blend and smile. =)

You can skip contour for a day look, it will make you appear more natural and fresh. Moving on to lippie/gloss, I would say just go with anything that you like. I would prefer lipstain or blamstain.
How to transform you day look to a night look?? 
Using any dark shadows of you choice, like a dark purple and apply to the outer part of you eye in a V shape with the V pointing out and blend the color. Using a light shimmery color on your lid will make it appear more 3D. =)  Apply a more mascara or even falsies. Contour the hollows of you face and the bridge of you nose, using the eyeshadow you applied on your inner tear ducts to highlight the bridge of your nose. Lastly, reapply your lippie/gloss and you just need to make a quick outfit change and you're night time ready! =)

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