1st Timer on Eyeliner.

Well, when it comes to buying/owning my 1st makeup product I will always reach for an eyeliner 1st. Some of my friends are like that too, but we always have a dillema on which to start with.

From different texture to different brands
1. A basic pencil eyeliner/ kohl eyeliner will never go wrong,
Its soft & its easier to control, and when you mess up you can always smudge it to change it into a smokey eye look... But always remember to use waterproof if you live in a humid place where you know, you'll sweat. Because you don't wanna look like a panda! ;) Use black for a more dramatic look & brown for a more subtle & casual look.

2. Gel eyeliner is applied with a brush. (Most of the time the brush will come with the product)
From left to right: Gel, pencil liquid
I personally will highly recommend the Maybelline Eye Studio 36hrs Gel liner, the brush is awesome and the formula of the gel liner is absolutely awesome. It's really creamy and really easy to apply. When looking for a good gel liner, you need to know a few things. The product must be creamy & soft, as it is easier to be picked up by the brush & easier to be applied on your lids. And black will give u a dramatic look as the brown will give u a softer look.

My products that I love
3. Liquid eyeliner, the most famous go to eyeliner in my opinion. And one of most people thing is tricky to master, but it is actually quite easy to master with practice. Liquid eyeliner comes in many forms, you have to find one that you are most comfortable handling. Thin applicators gives you a thin line and you can be really arty about you lines( Maybelline Hyper liner) Medium size eyeliner is perfect for me as I can really control the thickness and create my desire look very easily.( Empro Diamond eyeliner in Black) Thick eyeliners creates a thick & dramatic look. & if you're not careful you will end up looking like a panda or Amy Winehouse with way too much liner till people can't see your lids.

My go to Winged eyeliner look
How to:
1. If you are very new to eyeliner & creating a line above you lash line is really hard for you/you can't decide which look to go for. Try a simple straight line look first by using a pencil/kohl to lightly dot a dot above you lash line. Starting from the inner corners or you eyes till the the end. Then using the pencil liner to trace the dotted line and create a line. There you have it a simple eyeliner look. You can always use liquid/ gel liner with same trick you'll achieve the same thing but the intensity will be depended on your liner's color and thickness.
Dot your liner like this and trace it

If you guys wanna know different ways to draw you liner I will do another blog post about it. you just have to comment below and share my post.

See you guys next time. =)


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