Night Routine

My night beauty routine!! Well, I'm just so inspired by the beauty Gurus on Youtube and I decided to blog my night beauty to routine. =)
Well, because I am in University now. As a student I understand that we don't have much time to sleep, study or even eat sometimes. But for me, night care is the most important step as you need to feel relax before you hit the sack. Because in the day we may sometimes only have time to put on sunscreen and tinted moisturizers, and maybe grab a lipgloss. It all depends on what of day you're having. I am the girl who only have time to bath, moisturize and lipbalm type of girl. Only on the weekend I'll be able to play with my make-up.
So my night routine is really important to me as my skin can get really damage during the day.
To start everything off, I would always boil water and make myself a hot cup of green tea to cleanse my body . I would leave my green tea aside and take my bath, then I would wash my hair at night if I did not have time in the day or I need to sweat out. hahaha. So after I bath I will put on my comfy Jammies ( baggy T-shirt and shorts). Wash my face with facial cleanser and use a toner & a cotton pad to remove any impurities stuck on my face of any traces of make-up. Next, I'll use my night cream & eye cream. I'm on a whitening routine these day as my skin have gotten a lil dark since my stay in this University. Then, I will apply Bio-Oil for my stretch marks and scars. Then, I will apply body moisturizer all over my body and good old fashion Vaseline on my lips.
Ahh... Finally I can enjoy my green tea.

Products I use:-
1. Green Tea- Lipton
2. Neutrogena Hydro Boost Mousse Cleanser -Facial Wash
3. Nivea Visage Aqua Sensation - Facial Toner
4. Irise Intensive White - Night Cream Moisturizer
5. Irise Antiage Q10 Eye Gel - Eye Cream Treatment
6. Nivea Extra Whitening Body Lotion
7. Vaseline Intensive Care -Lip Balm



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