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I'm starting a lil college remedy for all you teens who are stepping out of your own comfort zones, and moving into the big world. I'm getting ready for college myself too so I'm showing all of you what I think I need in college. I'm gonna be covering on clothes and make-up for orientation week in this blog, I don't want it to be too long cause your eyes might get sore. haha! Well, Let's get the party started! -.^*

Well let's start with the basics, before you shop for your clothes for orientation do remember to check your college's rules and regulations on the dress code. If you're college allows the students to wear anything they like well congratulation, you don't really need my help. Just kidding, well for does of you whose college have a strict dress code like mine. You could follow my lil tricks and remedy to looking good without breaking the rules, these are just sneaky ways to look awesome without exposing too much. ^.-

Well, the college( or would you like to call it University) I'm goin to is called UNITEN (University Tenaga National, Pahang, Malaysia). So, for those Malaysian readers you all will be going, "WHAT??!!" . Yeah, am goin into a jungle for college. Just joking, well it's not technically a jungle it's just a secluded place in Pahang. My sister and brother-in-law went to that Uni and came out fine, so it's not that bad. So, they do have dress codes to follow like, non-reveling clothes, no shorts, no tank tops, no flip-flops, no crazy hair color, no piercings anywhere else except for your ears and on some days you need to put on your executive look.
It's not a boarding school, it's just a Uni that generates professionals.

Ok, for orientation week you wanna make an impression, don't hide away. College is a place to express yourself and be confident of who you are and you can do it by adding lil details in ur dressing even it have a strict dress code rules like mine. Well, for my college the orientation dress code would be "Executive". So all of you will be thinking lawyer outfits, well I have a different point of view.

Pants, skirts, formal shirt, blazers, dresses and even traditional wear are the items you'll be working with. If you're a pants sort of girl like me, pairing a slack pants with a formal shirt would instantly make you look like you're working in a office. Well different cuttings of the pants and really make a difference in your look, try out different cuttings to find your ideal fit. Even the colors can be played just keep your red in Burgundy Red and blue in your midnight Blue. If you have funky blazer you wanna work, keep the rest of your clothing in neutrals, full white or even full black. Less is more. =)  Same goes to your skirts and dresses. But I recommend you'll to wear pants during orientation cause you'll be moving a lot you really wanna avoid those funky moments you wanna avoid, and comfortable shoes are a must! Don't expect to be sitting down the whole day, you'll have to walk here and there to get your papers filled and the way back to you room is another distance. Unless you are blessed with a car but you still have to walk around in the hall, keep it simple.

Jewelry and hair candy will be your best friend, they will give your outfit that 'oumph'. But do remember to keep it classy and you can add your own personality to your jewelry just find your statement piece and work around it. Leggings or sheer leggings will be your best friend if you have a short skirt or dress you wanna rock, find those sheer black leggings that have lil details. It'll turn your boring outfit to office glam! A lil  sparkle won't kill you. Well if you wanna be just really formal without any fashion statement just ignore me and follow your own style. This is just my twist on things! =)

Remember you're student ID picture will be taken anytime during orientation, so don't go too crazy on  your top cause it might make the camera go crazy and the picture will be an embarrassment.
-Keep your make-up clean and neutral, delete your imperfection with a really good concealer.
-BB creams is better than foundation it's light weight and it's good for the skin, tinted moisturizers with SPF is ok too.
-Contour your face as you like, line your eyes (keep it clean and natural), fill in you brows, if you like eye shadow just go with the neutral eyes look not too sultry.
-Cheek stains or cream blushes are the best because it last longer and looks really natural.
-Pink lips with minimal gloss, just apply it to the middle of your lips to make it pouty, if your really pale go with red lips you'll look awesome.
-Always remember powder you don't want your photo to look like you just came out of an oil bath. Powder your face before to stay shine free.
-Highlight. Just apply highlight to the bridge of your nose, your cheek bones, and cupid's bow(an arch on your upper lip)
-Curl and apply mascara to your lashes, falsies are optional.

-Stay away from simmer eye shadows cause it'll make your eye look puffy.
-Stay away from purple shadows and lipstick you don't wanna look like you got punch or poison.
-Stay away from colored mascara or even crazy falsies that belong's in your masquerade or Halloween make-up collection

*Flash photography tends to wash out the colors so pick a slightly brighter blush and lip color.*

I hope I helped you guys out, if you have any question just leave it in the comments below. =)
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