Introduction *(^_-)*

Hi, I'm Eileen Pang. I'm starting a beauty blog because I love fashion, beauty, and life. That's why my blog title is BEAUTY.LIFE.FASHION. These are the three things that I love. I do have a personal blog as well, I called it Faith.Love.Believe. Its sort of a kind of blog that's about my personal life and my believes.
I'm a Chinese by the way, I'm from Malaysia. I would like to explore the fashion that Malaysian can rock without breaking the bank, sweating in thick clothing and even melting make-up. I know there's lots of girls out there that who already know about all these things and are a natural at it, I'm not claiming I'm a pro at beauty or fashion. I'm the type that find ways to stay beautiful, in fashion without breaking the bank.
You can call me a budget beauty blogger if you want to, I really hope my blog could help some of the girls out there who could not afford high end products but still wanna look and feel pretty. I don't use high end products myself I might try it in the future, if it's a great and worth the buy I would blog about the product.
I would do some reviews on the things that I brought for myself, and if you all would wanna buy it I would link the website at the end of my post. Well that's all for now. I hope I would be able to blog everyday, and help all of you I grow in this hobby of mine.
Bye Loves, for now . -.^


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