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5 Ways to a Healthier Start

Hello everybody, have you enjoy the last post on 5 Essentials in My Make-Up bag? Anyone of those products are your essentials or your the I don't need makeup girl? Damn, you're lucky girl; or you just don't like makeup either way it's your choice isn't it?
I understand that "Getting into a healthy Lifestyle" or "Losing Weight" has been on the New Years resolution of many out there but with those Tasty Videos on Instagram and Food Promotional Pics and Vids ain't helping us to stay motivated. Let me tell you something, why not try incorporating new options into your lifestyle, rather than a crash diet or an annual goal. Getting it into your lifestyle or daily routine will ensure that the habit will stick with you and slowly but surely you would achieve your goal, Rome ain't build over night so don't expect changes will happen overnight as well.

1. Drink More Water

Liquids are so important, often then not we tend to forget about H20 but …

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