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Althea Velvet Powder

Hello Beautiful people, I've got a new product to share with all of you. It's the new Althea Velvet Powder, and its cruelty free. I've personally put it to the test and here's my verdict. DUP* DUP* DUP*
1. Natural ingredients
2. Velvety and light weight
3. Doesn't give me the cake face look
4. Super easy to blend
5. Translucent but blurs minor imperfections
6. Super affortable
7. Does not settle into fine lines. Cons
1. The powder flies everywhere when not careful, if its a mesh lining it would not be as messy.
2. Too lil product, because I use it everyday n I freaking love it. Baking would be my next test, but I need to use a lot of product for baking. The only complains I have is that I need more of this product!! Basically at the price of RM16 and the powder works magically for me, why would I not want more of it? The product last me a good 6 hours before it turns me a lil oily, but its all good as I can powder my face multiple time and it will not lo…

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